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Puyallup Property Management

We Eliminate the Stress of Property Ownership

Our Pricing

Tenant Placement Only

Placement Fee: One Month’s Rent

  • Professional help in setting the best rental price for your property.
  • Marketing of rental property, including placing professional ads and virtual tours on multiple rental websites and advertising venues.
  • Showing the rental to prospective tenants.
  • Comprehensive screening of applicants including rental, credit, employment, and criminal background checks.
  • Thorough written move-in inspection report with photos documenting the condition of the rental at move in.
  • Rental Agreement adherent to Washington State Landlord Tenant Laws.

Full Service Management

Managment Fee: 8% to 10% of Collected Rent
Leasing Fee: $795, ($895 inside Tacoma City Limits)

  • Leasing fees are warrantied for one year, so if a tenant was to leave early we would find a new tenant at no cost to you.
  • Professional marketing of available rental properties on multiple rental websites as well as other local venues.
  • Comprehensive screening of all applicants, including rental, credit, employment and criminal records
  • Handling the move in process, including providing comprehensive move in condition report with extensive move in photos/video; setting up all applicable utilities; and providing through rental agreement.
  • Direct deposit of owner proceeds.
  • Providing easy to understand itemized monthly and year end owner statements.
  • Access to your account through our cloud based management software (owner portal).
  • Regular property inspections including detailed move-in and move-out inspections, regular drive-by inspections, and periodic interior inspections complete with reports and photos sent to the owner.
  • Prompt attention to maintenance and repairs.
  • Full time availability to handle emergency maintenance.
  • Use of quality, reliable, licensed, bonded and insured contractors for all maintenance work.
  • Handling the move out process, including coordination of any cleaning or repairs needed after move-out.
  • Enforcing the rules of the rental agreement.
  • Expertise in dealing with any issue that could arise with your rental.

Property Acquisitions

Explore the world of property acquisitions with SJC Management Group, and unlock exclusive benefits for your real estate investments. When you choose to purchase a property for rental through our expert guidance, you open the door to a host of advantageous offerings:

1. Free Tenant Placement Service:

Acquiring a property for rental through SJC Management Group comes with the added perk of complimentary tenant placement service. Our skilled team will diligently handle the process of securing reliable tenants for your new property, ensuring a seamless transition into the rental market.

2. No Management Fee for 3 Months:

Opting for a one-year management agreement with us grants you the privilege of a management fee waiver for the first three months. This exclusive offer allows you to enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive property management services without incurring any management fees during the initial crucial months of your investment.

3. No Leasing Fee for 3 Months:

In addition to the waived management fee, we go a step further by offering a three-month exemption from leasing fees. This means you can kickstart your property investment journey without the burden of leasing expenses, allowing you to maximize your returns during the initial phase of your property ownership.

SJC Management Group is dedicated to enhancing the value of your real estate portfolio while minimizing the associated costs. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond property management, providing you with strategic advantages from the very beginning of your investment journey. Embrace the potential of your property acquisitions with SJC Management Group, where your success is our priority.