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Puyallup Property Management

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Marketing & 3D Tours

Dedicated Leasing Specialist

Throughout the leasing process, you'll collaborate with a designated leasing professional who is singularly focused on efficiently marketing and renting your property. Our leasing specialist diligently manages property viewings, updates listings on various platforms, responds to tenant inquiries, and maintains open communication with you. This dedicated approach ensures that your property is showcased optimally, both online and during in-person showings, ultimately attracting a high-quality tenant.

Professional Rental Market Analysis

Setting the right rental price is crucial for a swift and successful leasing process. Incorrect pricing can lead to prolonged vacancies, costing you valuable time and money. Our approach begins with a comprehensive rental price analysis, blending market data with our expert understanding of current market conditions. This results in an accurate rental price that positions your property competitively, ensuring a prompt rental and maximizing your returns.

3-D Tours for Faster and Higher-Quality Rentals

Embracing innovative marketing strategies, we offer 3-D tours that significantly enhance the visibility and desirability of your property. These immersive virtual tours provide prospective tenants with a detailed and realistic preview of the home, attracting more qualified leads. By leveraging technology to showcase your property in a compelling way, we not only expedite the rental process but also secure tenants willing to pay a premium for a well-presented and modern living space.

Are you aiming to maximize the rental value of your home while securing a swift leasing process? If so, consider this: the key to achieving both goals lies in creating a visually appealing experience for potential tenants, especially in the online realm where first impressions matter most. In today's digital age, nearly all tenants initiate their property search online, and their decision-making process is heavily influenced by the quality of the visuals they encounter.

At SJC Management Group, we recognize that the first interaction a tenant has with your property is often through online photos and, even better, interactive Matterport 3-D tours. These immersive tours not only capture attention but also allow potential tenants to engage more deeply with your property, spending more time exploring and less time browsing other listings.

We leverage cutting-edge technology, powered by Matterport, to set up virtual tours that provide a full 3-D view of your property. Potential tenants can navigate through these tours, inspect floor plans, and virtually explore the property without setting foot inside. This forward-thinking approach allows us to showcase your property effectively, making a lasting impression on potential tenants and minimizing the time your property spends on the market.

As an added advantage, all our 3-D tours can be experienced with virtual reality headsets, providing an even more immersive and captivating tour. Take a look at some examples below to witness how this technology transforms the way your property is presented to prospective tenants.

Online Advertising Exposure

Our website is a highly frequented hub, drawing an impressive 9,000 to 15,000 hits per month in the homes and apartments for rent section alone. This robust online presence establishes us as a go-to local source for numerous prospective tenants eager to explore available rental options. In addition to our website, we strategically leverage over 31 other top-rated platforms to amplify the visibility of your property. Through this extensive advertising network, we consistently achieve remarkable results in connecting your property with a diverse and expansive pool of potential tenants.

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