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Investment Management

We Specialize in Managing Your Rental Estate Investment

Investment property management is the term we use to describe our property management services. We understand that you need someone that is looking out for your best long-term interests and is managing the property like what it is, your investment.

SJC Management Group is a real estate office that focuses on property management; as well as real estate investment sales and purchases for residential properties in Washington State. SJC has consistently managed hundreds of rental properties for decades. With our in-house sales office, Washington Realty Group, we have handled an average of over 100 home sales a year for well over a decade. This combination of property management and real estate sales experience makes SJC Management Group an ideal choice for real estate investors, large or small. If you are looking to acquire, hold, or sell an investment property we would love to help.

We can offer you a realistic look at both the market value to rent and sell your investments and we have the experience and know-how to help at every step of the process; from identifying good investments, to effectively managing your properties as rentals, all the way through to selling and realizing your profit.

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