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Know your property is protected with our guarantees


Pet Damage Guarantee

SJC Management Group will cover up to $2500 for any pet damage done by a pet approved by SJC Management Group. The guarantee is above the tenant’s deposit; for instance, if the tenant has $1000 deposit and there is $1500 in pet damages and $1000 owed for non-pet damages, then the tenant's deposit would be applied to the non-pet damages and the pet guarantee would cover all $1500 of pet damages.


Tenant Guarantee

If your tenant breaks their lease and moves out before their first year lease expires, then we will re-rent the home without charging you any fees for leasing the property to a new tenant.


Eviction Guarantee

SJC Management Group will cover eviction costs up to $1500 for any tenant screened and approved by SJC Management Group within the first year of tenancy.
*not eligible in city limits of Tacoma or Settle, applies to rentals at $1800/mo or above.