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How Often Should Landlords Do Rental Property Inspections in Puyallup?

How Often Should Landlords Do Rental Property Inspections in Puyallup?

Eviction filings have doubled in Washington over the past year.

If you're a Puyallup rental real estate owner, you never want to have to evict a tenant. Going through evictions is a long ordeal that causes plenty of stress for everyone involved. That being said, if a tenant is causing you too many headaches, eviction might be the best course of action.

Fortunately, rental property inspections are a great way to prevent evictions. In today's post, we'll explain the purpose of rental property inspections as it relates to tenant management and relationships. Keep reading and keep a closer eye on your investment.

What Are Rental Property Inspections?

There are two main types of rental property inspections. First, you've got move-in/move-out inspections that you perform at the start and end of every tenancy.

These inspections involve looking for existing damage in the property with your new tenant. When the tenancy is finished, you perform the same inspection, and any new damage is presumed to be caused by the outgoing tenant. If you obtained a security deposit from the tenant, you use it to reimburse yourself for the cost of repairs.

Second, there are mid-tenancy rental property inspections that you perform to keep an eye on your tenants and maintain your investment.

Inspection Laws

When it comes to mid-tenancy property inspections, you must follow Washington's landlord-tenant laws. Landlords always have the right of entry to their property, but tenants have rights as well. For instance, by paying you rent, they've got the right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the property.

Dropping by for inspections too frequently may violate your tenants' rights. If they feel that this is the case, they could report you to the local housing authority and you could be penalized.

The best thing to do is give your tenant 24 hours' notice before showing up for an inspection and do them quarterly at most. If the tenant requests an inspection to deal with property maintenance, you should show up promptly.

What to Look For During Inspections

If you suspect a tenant is misbehaving in your rental, you need to know what to look for during an inspection. For example, if they have unauthorized pets, you can look for stains, rips in the carpet, or pet smells.

When you're doing a routine inspection to check for maintenance issues, the best thing to do is keep an inspection checklist on hand. Having something to refer to each time will ensure you always carry out thorough and consistent inspections.

Get Inspection Help with Property Management

Rental property inspections are among the most important landlord responsibilities. By doing your due diligence during inspections, you can stay on top of maintenance, protect against poor tenant behavior, and even increase tenant happiness and retention.

It can be difficult to maximize your rental inspections. If you need help, the best thing to do is hire a property manager. SJC Management Group is one of Puyallup's top property management companies. We offer a wide range of services, including inspection help, so contact us today to learn more.