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SJC Pet Damage Guarantee!

SJC Pet Damage Guarantee!

One of the biggest decisions to make when renting out your home is to set a pet policy.  Saying “no pets allowed” will remove over half of the potential tenants to your home.  This can lead to longer vacancy times and even lower rent.  Both of which can cost you money.  Allowing pets includes the added risk of damage that the pets can cause.

This is why SJC Management Group has instituted our “pet damage guarantee”.  This allows owners to benefit from allowing pets while mitigating the risk of pet damage.

 SJC Management Group will cover up to $2500 for any pet damage done by a pet approved by SJC Management Group.  Guarantee is above the tenant’s deposit; for instance, if the tenant has $1000 deposit and there is $1500 in pet damages and $1000 owed for non-pet damages, then the tenants deposit would be applied to the non-pet damages and the pet guarantee would cover all $1500 of pet damages.

All pets are thoroughly screened by our pet screening process which allows us to set a risk score associated with the tenant’s pets.  The tenant will then pay a small monthly pet fee which allows us to pool funds to cover any damages that may occur.  The tenant fee will depend upon the risk score associated with the pet and ranges from $25-$50.  Pets that present too high of a risk will not be accepted.  Guarantee applies to approved pets and does not apply to ADA animals. 

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Transcription of video:

Hi, I’m Jason With SJC Management Group. I’m here today to talk to you about our pet damage guarantee. I’m really excited about this program. It allows us to guarantee damages done by a pet, which we’ve approved and screened and put into one of your properties.

If this what we’re do occur, we would cover damages of up to $2,500 the tenant’s deposit would be applied to any non-pet related damages first. This coverage is above their deposit amount.

This allows us to rent properties to a larger pool of potential tenants because over 50% of the people applying for your property would have a pet. We in turn charge a small monthly pet fee to that tenant, which allows us to pull funds together to collect in order to pay out on any damages which occur.

If you’d like to talk about this or anything property management related, give myself or one of our agents a call. Thanks.