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5 Things to Remember When Listing Homes for Rent in Puyallup, WA

5 Things to Remember When Listing Homes for Rent in Puyallup, WA

Puyallup is one of the fastest-growing cities in Washington, with lots of unique activities to enjoy. This makes it an ideal place for rental properties and growing a rental business.

The key to success is to know how to list homes for rent in a way that attracts tenants.

We're here to help you outshine the competition with some listing tips that are easy but effective. Continue reading to learn all you need to know to attract more tenants than before!

1. Express Personality

An often underutilized strategy is the use of personality in a listing. Businesses around the world use brand personality to succeed in their industry, and it's a beneficial tool for a rental property as well.

People want to interact with another person, rather than a faceless company. This is why using your unique personality to your advantage will help you attract more tenants to your unit advertisement.

The key is to remember to balance this chosen personality style with professionalism.

2. Share High-Quality Photos

Everyday run-of-the-mill photographs won't cut it in such a competitive market. Instead, you need to make sure every property photo is of the highest quality with vibrant lighting and sharp details.

Any hint of blurriness or poor lighting could send a potential tenant on to the next listing.

3. Emphasize Unique Features

What makes your property more interesting than other properties? These are the features you'll want to put the most emphasis on in your home listing.

Talk about these things with excitement and fondness. These emotions will spill through to your potential tenants and make them even more curious about experiencing those features for themselves.

Don't oversell something, however. Honest but emphatic descriptions are your best bet to lure in more bookings!

4. Set a Competitive Price

Setting a price for your listing is one of the trickiest things to do. You want it to be attractive to tenants, while still giving you a good value for your investment.

Studying the local market trends can help guide you to a competitive and effective pricing strategy. Remember to remain flexible, especially with the change of seasons.

5. Screen Tenants

Once your listing pulls in tenants, make sure to take time to screen them before accepting their offer. This helps ensure your property is in good hands.

You'll be less likely to find damages during your next property inspection. It's the best way to keep your investment protected so your listing is always up-to-date for the next tenant.

Managing Homes for Rent With SJC

You're giving yourself all the tools for success when you show off the unique features of your home, set good prices, and use stunning eye-catching photos. The thing to remember is listing homes for rent is only the beginning of your rental journey.

Looking for more rental property management help? We can help.

At SJC Management Group, we adjust our management approach to suit the client. We can be the backbone of your investment property or we can simply offer advice. Check out our list of management services in Puyallup and let's work together to reach your rental goals!