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What’s Involved With Tenant Screening?

What’s Involved With Tenant Screening?

Hear Jason Clifford, with SJC Management Group and Judi DeBellis of Alliance 2020 discuss what’s involved with tenant screening.

Transcription of video:

Jason:                          Hi, I'm Jason I'm here with Judy with Alliance 2020, we're talking: Tenant Screening. Judy, why don't you tell us a little bit about, you know, real quick how that process works?

Judy:                           Absolutely! We're very proud to be part of SJC Property Management. We take our screening very seriously. We've been around over 30 years doing this and we are national accredited. One of the things we provide for SJC is an online application, which the tenant can go in. Its mobile friendly, they can do it. However, they sift it and make sure they fill out everything complete.

The first thing they see when they go in, is what we call our criteria, which allows the tenant to know what's going to be expected on the screening process. Once that is done and the whole application is completed, it sent over to Alliance for us to process it. The first thing we return is the credit report, giving the payment information, which covers the balances and so forth, and a TransUnion FICO Score based on their payment history.

We also cover the criminal background. The criminal background where epical, we give you the multinational, which is all states with counties that report into it – the data. And of course, we also give you the county record criminal for all of Washington and Oregon. In the multinational, one thing I'd like to point out, if we find a record, let's say we are looking into Alabama, and we find a record. We go to the court, county court to pull that record, to verify that this might not be SJC's applicant along with the record of what is the verdict and so forth. I think it's important that you get complete information on how that works.

Jason:                          Absolutely.

Judy:                           We give you the rental history, which goes back and gives you a lot of good questions that we ask these landlords to find out, what they were like as a tenant. And we also cover the employment industry, as far as their employment, where they work and so forth. One of the things on the history of the rental, we do ask them, would you rent to this applicant, which I think is a big one.

Jason:                          Absolutely. All right. Well, there's a lot more to it. If you have any questions about the screening process, you can contact me or Judy directly. Thanks.