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What You Need to Know About Spring Cleaning!

What You Need to Know About Spring Cleaning!

Spring time is nearly upon us.  That means it is a wonderful time to bust out the cleaning equipment and get the Spring Cleaning done.  This process is important for the health of your home, and it is also important for your physical health and mental state. 


Getting in and cleaning all the grime, mildew or mold that can accumulate will improve the air quality you are breathing.  De-cluttering and the satisfaction of getting all the spring cleaning tasks done will improve your happiness and enjoyment of the living space you have.  It will also add value to your home by keeping the home from suffering from “deferred maintenance.”

While getting all the areas you see; it is important to also get to the areas you do not seeMake sure to change your furnace filters as replacing the filters in your furnace will greatly improve your air quality [as well as your furnaces overall efficiency].

Clean out gutters so water is not getting under your roof shingles and causing damage.  Clogged gutters or downspouts can also lead to erosion issues in the foundation and cause rot to the trim and structure of the home.








It is also important to look in the attic.  Mold can grow in the attic if there is any sort of moisture issue.  This can be caused by a roof vent, or by a dryer vent disconnecting and not venting out of the attic space, or any other number of reasons.

It is equally important to also take a peek at your homes crawl space.  Any standing water in a crawl space can lead to mold issue or can also be a sign of any other number of problems that need to be address.  Rodents can also get into these areas and cause damage.


So when doing your cleaning, don’t forget to check out the “hidden” parts of the home to keep them in top shape.  If you are not able [or included to] get in and check these areas, then it would be a good idea to consider hiring a contractor or home inspector to check them for you.