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3D Tours help rent your home faster and for more

Are you looking to rent your home for the maximum amount? How about as quickly as possible? Well, if you are considering rent then, I am sure you are wanting top dollar and a brief time on the market. Do you know what the most important aspect to making that happen is? The landlord needs to create a pleasing visual experience for potential tenants when they first view the house. 99.9% of the time tenants start by viewing homes online and they make an instant decision by viewing the photos, and even better when they take a matterport 3-D tour. The 3-D tour allows the potential tenant to engage with the ad and spend more time looking at it, therefore less time looking at other properties.

SJC Management Group can set up virtual tours of properties with full 3-D view, powered by matterport, that potential customers can view and manipulate to check the floor plan and see the property without even stepping foot inside, this cutting-edge technology allows us to showcase properties to potential customers without them even stepping foot inside.  All 3-D tours can be viewed with virtual reality headsets for an even more engaging tour.  Here are some examples below.

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